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Match Poker is a recognised sport, that has reduced the element of luck, while embracing a digital contest based on skill, providing an exciting and challenging team competition.

It involves strategy, emotions, bluffs and traps, and is intellectual as well as social, with all the fun of a team sport!

How do you play?

Match Poker is a team sport where players are split onto different tables, with one player from each team in each of the different seat positions
All players start each hand with an equal amount of chips and receive their cards on a mobile device, with the same cards dealt to the same seat positions on all tables
Each team’s combined chips are compared after each hand and points allocated accordingly. Players stacks are then reset and the next hand begins.

Membership Launches

Over the coming months our National Federations will be launching their own membership schemes with a variety of benefits.

2023 will see many, many more Membership launches – watch this space!

local leagues

Players from all corners of the globe are now able to form teams and join Match Poker leagues, run under the auspices of their National Match Poker Federation. League champions also have the chance of representing their nation on the international stage!

Train at home with Match Poker Online

The all-new Match Poker app allows individuals to play Match Poker from the comfort of their own home. With games available around the clock, players can play Match Poker free, hone their skills, receive tailored feedback and improve their game, earn an official IFMP Rating, and battle it out to win through to live international competitions.